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20 August 2008 @ 05:10 pm
Here I am, just over treating a sinus infection and I get a head cold.  Apparently one or more variants have been floating around the office lately so it's possible I got it that way.  Regardless, I'm not happy.  Grr.  I have been off now for two days.

To top it all off, every single client that I had been chasing for the last week and a half pick Tuesday to return my phone calls.  Add to that one or two other people and I have an hour of phone calls to return should I be in tomorrow morning.  It's enough to make one sick. :-)
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10 August 2008 @ 12:17 pm
Well, it looks like I've gone and done it.  After starting up what I thought was a well balanced exercise routine earlier this summer, I have injured my back through repeated uneven stresses between stomach and back muscles.  I ended up strengthening my abs nicely but not so my back muscles.  As a result, I now have a slight disk problem.

I first noticed the pain a month ago whilst on vacation with my son.  We were driving to Niagara and had been on the road for a few hours when I started to feel pain shooting down my left hip.  It HURT.  Every time from then on that I had to remain seated in the same position for more than an hour or so, I ran the risk of pain.  To top it all off, my back started to sieze up, possibly due to compensation habits and stress worrying about the issue.  Since I do a lot of sitting for my job, I knew this had to be handled and soon.

Last week, I managed to see the doctor, who advised massage treatment as a starting point.  I had my first treatment on Friday and sure enough, she zeroed in on the painful spots right away.  She also gave me some exercises to add strength to my back without straining things further.  Everything is still a bit tender after that first treatment but I remain confident that the pain will go away.  Anything to help the lumbar region.  I even engaged the lumbar support lever in driver's seat in my car.  That helped a bit.

The next step is to modify my exercise routine to include more back exercises and to get back to swimming, another thing that she agreed would be good.  Unfortunately, my favourite summer pastime, cycling, is off limits for now. :-(

Let's face it, I'm getting old.  I'll have to start practising my "old curmudgeon" talk with words like:  dagnabit, gumption, young'uns and of course "Why,  when I was your age, I was TWICE your age!" and so on.

In addition, I'll have to practice that "old man glare" that is reserved for the young when they misbehave and the "dirty old man stare" when I want to misbehave with them.  :-)
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Just bought the album "Dirty Hands" by Johnny Hollow.

The music is haunting, disturbing, very musical and just off kilter enough to grab your attention.  The best way I could describe the album is thusly:

If Tim Burton were to make an album, including the cover art, "Dirty Hands" would be it.
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06 August 2008 @ 01:38 pm
Well, I've had the "clean shaved" look on my scalp for about 2 weeks now.  I've grown to like it quite a bit, especially when the wind blows through the tiny little hairs which remain.  Having my shower/drying routine cut in half doesn't hurt either.

However, based on an observation by my daughter, I will have to choose my suits with care.  Apparently I remind her of Dr. Evil.  I even have a scar on my face, although not where the good (or should I say "bad") doctor's is located.

So, grey suits with a banded collar (Nehru style?) a la Blofeld from the Bond movies are to be avoided at all costs.  Other grey suits, including a couple that I actually own, are to be approached with caution,... and  a tie.  A nice bold tie.  Yes, a BIG BOLD TIE!  mwwhahahaha! (cue Dr. Evil music and laughter)

I suppose that I should also avoid "air quotes".

Now about that lair....

Number 2!  Find us a new lair!
03 August 2008 @ 03:25 pm
When I started with Sympatico, it was in the dying days of 2001. The service was so new, the ink wasn't even dry on the contractual parchment.

Back then, they had just switched from their original 1 Meg Nortel modem to the newer Alcatel modem, the one which I was given. Also back then, they still used the unloved and happily forgotten Access Manager (PC and Mac) or Access MANGLER as most people called it.

Using Access Manager and the still somewhat dumb modem, one had to enter almost everything but the IP address, which was given dynamically.  Even DNS servers had to be entered.

Flash forward to today. The only things you need enter are your login credentials. The modem takes care of the rest. I did not know this until last week when I had occasion to test out a setup for the university's new President, who will be using Sympatico from home.

I don't know when they changed this aspect of their service because I received NO NOTICE WHATEVER on the change. I did notice that name resolution had become problematic at best. I now realize that the hard coded DNS hosts were no longer reliable; they must vary the ones you get dynamically these days.  Upon changing my setup to let the modem and Sympatico negotiate the DNS hosts, not only did name resolution go back to being 100%, the speed of my connection improved as well.  Less time resolving names, I guess.

What's so difficult about sending an email to your EXISTING customer base along the lines of:
"We've improved our service yet again by simplifying your setup! If you have any of the following modems, follow these simple steps to set it up for basic operation: ..."
Certainly nothing along those lines came with my newly upgraded modem/4 port wired/wireless router.  Since all I am using currently is the wired side, I ignored the modem-wide implications of some of the wireless settings made during initial setup.

Maybe I missed the memo. Maybe I did get it but did not read it carefully. I don't know for sure. Even though I doubt it, I will give them the benefit of a very small doubt.
Bored of the usual dating sites?  Well, have we got a winner for you!


Just the ticket for the metabolically challenged or those who lust after them!

(void where prohibited, batteries not included and only for those 18+ and/or undead)

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26 July 2008 @ 12:28 pm
Well, I went and did it.

As those who keep in touch with me face to face know, I have little hair left on top.  Recently, I've been toying with the  idea of shaving it all off and trying the "Kojak" look out.  Yesterday, I did just that.

Since I have no beard or moustache, I am now hair free on top, with the exception of my eyebrows and lashes.

Basically, I've traded one form of maintenance for another.  I might not have to go to the barber; instead I will be shaving my scalp as well as my face.  I estimate I'll have to do it at least twice a week.

Now to see how it all works out.  I'm looking forward to the collective jaw dropping at work on Monday. :-)

Next step:  update those Facebook photos! :-)
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09 July 2008 @ 12:11 am
Finally unpacked the last of my books.  Over my holiday, I bought some IKEA bookshelves (forgot to add that to the list in my last post).  Those units allowed me to clear out boxes which have been sitting on my dining room floor for a long time, close to half a year.

I moved in 18 months ago but only got the books later on.  Still, having my space cleared of those reminders of transience is marvellous.  The boxes themselves have been given to a young couple who are moving out shortly.

Speaking of books, I somehow managed to buy an extra copy of UNIX Network Programming by W. Richard Stevens many years ago.  Would anybody like to have it?
08 July 2008 @ 10:36 pm
Today I went shopping.  In fact, it seems that I have done little else since I got back from Niagara.  A little back story is necessary, I think.  For those who haven't been following, I have been divorced for some time.  The last issue was recently settled, allowing me the opportunity to finally get closure.

Once that was done, it became possible (and necessary) to attend to a lot of issues that had been pending:  debts, investments and... shopping for new stuff.  In the last week, I have bought:  suits, pants, shirts, shoes, ties and some photographic artwork.  I even took my TV into the digital age with Videotron's digital cable service.  While buying the cable set top box, I also looked at cameras, as I want to replace my digital camera with not one but two units:  a point and shoot camera for parties and other casual stuff AND a digital SLR for my real camera work.

After that, I will stop... for a while. ;-)
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07 July 2008 @ 01:49 am
What a weekend.

Friday was spent with my girlfriend, during which we walked about in Maisonneuve Park near her condo.  A home cooked dinner followed.  Saturday was spent lazing about and then off to the Botanical Gardens, the paid half of Maisonneuve Park.  We participated in an actual Japanese Tea Ceremony, during which I ran into my old friend Louise H (yes, sultry and melly, you know her from the church).

Got home and decided that I had just enough energy to celebrate sultrysong's B-day (always a pleasure, BTW).  It helped that I stopped by the local cafe (just 'round the corner!) and had a coffee milkshake made with real espresso. Yum!

Today was more sunshine although I spent most of it indoors.  I took my son, who is now in braces, to see "Get Smart".  It is a very funny movie which stands on its own all the while paying homage to the series.  Look for a couple of cameos from the old days, including some of the lesser characters.
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