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04 October 2008 @ 05:30 pm
The Transformation Continues  
As some of you know, I have spent most of the summer - and a fair deal of money - rebuilding my life, item by item.  First it was needed furniture.  Then I took care of my wardrobe (actually ongoing but when is it not?).  I also re-joined the gym in order to build strength and feel better about myself.

Now there is more.  Last week, I went back to my Tai Chi after a 3 year absence.  I'm going to try to stay with it this time, although the basic issues of maintaining interest and having time never go away.  Today I continued that trend with my first ever yoga class.   A "hot" yoga session (Moksha yoga), it is as intense as it is invigorating.  The heat and the poses combine to really open up the body.  Some of the people, oh who am I kidding, MOST of the people are clearly veterans of the yoga scene and can bend in ways that make my eyes hurt.  Still it is a goal to which I can aspire.

Since I seem to have survived the first class and liked it, I will go back.

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